LGA is a research-driven firm with expertise in quantitative and qualitative environmental and financial analysis. LGA periodically publicizes selected research on topics of widespread investor interest.

Opportunities Arising from Asian Economic Growth

During the last 5 years, over 1 billion people joined the ranks of the middle class. Most of these people live in South Asia and current projections indicate that continuing economic growth in Asia will contribute to a global redistribution of wealth and business opportunities. LGA evaluated the transparency challenges facing long term investors in Asia and devised a strategy to benefit from increasing infrastructure spending in countries such as China. This strategy calls for investing in resource-efficient producers of materials required for Asian infrastructure in Australia, which is an AAA country with stronger transparency requirements and traditions than both China and India.

LGA Australia & China Resource Efficiency™ Strategy

The Profitable Correlation: Evidence for Linkage between Corporate Environmental Progress and Equity Investment Returns

Over 40 studies, including 20 published quantitative studies, assessing the potential linkage between corporate environmental progress and equity returns are reviewed. Based on the results, LGA found support for the contention that corporate environmental progress was more tightly linked than generalized social-responsibility indicators to higher risk-adjusted stock market performance.

The Profitable Correlation

The Green Growth Catalyst: Investment Opportunities Related to Building Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the least expensive form of renewable energy and it is a common basis of many LGA equity holdings. Investment opportunities in the debt, structured credit, and private equity asset classes, along with market barriers to traditional financing approaches, are described in The Green Growth Catalyst, a 2010 LGA report published in conjunction with the Apollo Alliance.

The Green Growth Catalyst

Reframing the Climate Change Debate: There is more to Industrial Transformation than Renewables

LGA has been tracking climate change as an investment issue since its formation and has proposed a form of greenhouse gas regulation based upon the US Clean Air Act (as President Obama has proposed in 2013) in a 1999 paper jointly prepared in conjunction with the Progressive Policy Institute.

How a Domestic Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Market Could Work in Practice