Best of Class Investing

Best of Class Investing

LGA’s investment philosophy is unique. Unlike traditional “ethical” or “social” investors, we do not compare companies across industry lines, nor do we exclude whole industry sectors.

  • LGA recognizes that the economy is built on interdependence. For instance, the software industry cannot exist without computer hardware, and hardware requires plastics, metals, specialty chemicals, and energy.

LGA emphasizes corporate performance. We believe companies that have a track record of success operating with lower levels of environmental problems and penalties than their industry peers will have lower future environmental overhead costs.

  • LGA’s focus on historical performance as a guide to future profitability is distinct from the traditional approaches that rely on corporate speech and politics. Our approach is grounded in results and science, rather than philanthropic intent and rhetoric.

LGA values integration of sustainability goals into the supply chain. We believe companies that drive environmental standards through their supply chains are better suited to meet a variety of environmental constraints and emerging consumer demands.

  • LGA defines environmental progress based on the success companies achieve in improving their environmental performances and reducing their supply chains’ environmental costs in relation to profits. We believe the more environmentally progressive a company is, the more capital will be available for shareholder returns.