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Light Green Advisors (LGA) is an asset management firm specializing in environmental sustainability investing. LGA was formed to meet the requirements of institutional investors that are responsible for funding payouts to beneficiaries. An increasing number of global long-term investors are now seeking alternatives to support and benefit from the ongoing industrial transformation to a progressively lower carbon economy.

LGA’s investment strategy is based on the premise that a portfolio of adaptive, resilient, and profitable companies with superior corporate management can sustain a competitive advantage that asset managers can harvest. Building upon a quantitative analysis base, LGA has developed a proprietary model for evaluating the success of corporate environmental programs. LGA’s approach identifies leadership companies in every major industry sector that have measurable environmental competitive advantages and corresponding long-term financial advantages.

Since 1999, LGA has managed investment portfolios comprised of companies making tangible progress integrating sustainability strategies into their products and services. As a result, LGA has the benefit of experience analyzing corporate adaptation and sustainability through multiple investment cycles.

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